Project Description

Waking and protective Godess.
Her name means denial or refusal. She is the righthand of Frigg. Syn protects the keys to the Fensalir hall and she only grants access to those who deserves it.
Syn is welcomed in the Ting (parlement) because she defends those who are accused falsly. There is a saying that Syn is categorically against everything.
she is the defender of those who are falsly accused of crimes and for them who drew the shortest straw.
As a protective saint she protects the physical doors against the intrusion of evil / unjustice in and outside your house, but she can also keep the personal doors closed to protect you. Often she is been seen and wellknown for a symbol of liberty and the rigth to refuse unwanted attention for selfprotection.
Syn is often seen with a sword or a broom, so you might consider hanging a broom outside above your door to protect agianst evil and unjustice.
Syn gives us the power to say no to things that could hurt or damage us and creates a shield around us in times of weakness.