Our Longships

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We have multiple ways to stay in touch with us, depending on what you use we can provide an invite link. the fastest way to reach out to us is by using Telegram, it’s a small messaging applications which does not require any account creation, it’s only linked to your mobile to prevent spammers and bots.

Meet our charters

We would like to adress them as Long Ships, because that’s what vikings used.
Although we do not see many of them, they are still part of our family. 

USA – Minnesota 

Germany – Tyr

Ireland – Skuldelev

France – Regin Herus

Finland – Ilmarinen

Brazil – Ulfhednar

New Zealand – Sæfara Drekinn

Australia – Svanur Ain

Great Britain – Isle of Albion

Spain – Einherjar

Holland – Hrafnar

Holland – Hrafnar

Belgium – Heimdallr

Sweden – Scaniae

Sweden – Scaniae

Norway – Oseberg

Iceland – Skiðblaðnir