We suggest a few books to start out with.

If you want to learn more about ASATRU, we suggest you to look at the 3 books below for a good starting point.

There is alot more available of course but this will give you a basic idea.

The Poetic Edda is also available in original language and dutch, lett us know if you are interested.


Study Material

“The Poetic Edda is not only of the highest interest to students of antiquity; in the exceptionally detailed and complete translations included here, it offers lovers of poetry and myth some of the most remarkable surviving specimens from a distant age of poet-singers and oral traditions.”

The Poetic Edda (English), CAROLYNE LARRINGTON
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“Valkyries and shield-maidens were mythical figures that appeared most prominently in
The Elder Edda, The Prose Edda, and some of the mythical sagas. There has been some
confusion among scholars about whether valkyries and shield-maidens were the same beings
with different names, or if they were entirely separate.”

valkyries and shieldmaidens, Setting the record straight
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“Asatru is a very broad religion. Today, many people call themselves Asatruar or “Heathens” who are very
different. This book will focus on the Heathenry of the pre-christian Germanic peoples.”

Heathenry: The Old Ways for Today, Robert Sass
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History of the Vikings