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yggdrasil, three of life

Yggdrasil, the world three.

Yggdrasil is the naam of the world three in the Norse Mythology.
Yggdrasil is best translated as "horse of odin"

The three of live knows 9 worlds, which I try to explain below :


Here lives the Asen and asinnen, Gods. Asgard is surrounded by an insurmountable wall, which is build by odin and his brothers and some thursen.
The only connection between asgard and midgaard is a bridge, bifrost bridge, the rainbow bridge.


The empire of the vanir, the vertility gods.


The empire of the elves, with Freyr as lord of all elves.


The empire of the mist / haze. Here is it where the deaths live.


The empire of the humans, the present, the now. Midgard, the middle, is a midworld and is between asgard (up) and Nilfheim (down).


The empire of the giants. Thor likes to come here to practise his favorit hobby....beatling the shit out of the giants with his invincible hammer!


the empire of the Blackelves and dwarfs.


the empire of the goddess hel.


the empire of the fire. The heat of this world is is diametrically opposed to the world nilfheim, where everything is icy cold.
once these two worlds where in the beginning of time collapsed and melted the ice of nilfheim to water and the sparks jumped away from muspelheim
what made the stars, comets and planets.