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Hello and welcome to our site.

Thanks for your interest in Norse Riders.

We Norse Riders are international.

We have members in Iceland, Norway, Sweden,Denmark, Finland, Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Brasil, New Zealand and the USA. We hope for more countries to join in.

Note that we do not select on race, creed, sex, national origin or political preference.

The only thing we want you to do, is to own and ride a motorcycle or planning to do so in the near future.

It doesn't matter what brand you ride, as long as you are riding or really planning too.

We do embrace, use and commit ourselves to the Old Skool Biker way of life, try and do a little search with Google if you're not familiar with the Biker Code.

Please know that we're not a MC, MF, LEMC, MT, MTC or anything like that but we do show what we love and that is the Norse Culture and the Norse Mythology and we do it on our bikes.

Although we're not a MC, MF, LEMC, MT, MTC ,we do have a probation period if you want to become a full member.
Please go to this part of the website and contact the leader of that, as we call, Longship:

Crew Members

If it's just for the Norse Mythology I'd advice you to visit and like the Norse Riders Support Facebook site.

It is free to enter the Norse Riders Supporter Community , just like it and participate as you wish.