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Who Are We

We, Norse Riders, are people who are interested in the Norse Mythology and the Viking lifestyle and happen
to ride motorcycles. These motorcycles are of all kinds of brands, no brand is excluded nor will be excluded in the future.

The mission of the Norse Riders is to foster the promotion and practice of Norse & Viking culture through various activities such as sponsored rides,
participation in and support of Viking themed festivals, museums, educational programs, group gatherings, religious and holiday celebrations,
travel, and other activities related to Viking & Norse culture.

We are a community of bikers who are passionate about all things Viking, and our bikes.

We like to be recognized by our vests which includes a top rocker with JUST "Norse Riders" on it, in the middle the Oseberg Dragonhead
and at the bottom either the name of who wears it or its nickname, both in Futhark Rune.

The dragon, both small and large, is our identifier and can and may only used by us!

We are not an MC but we are definitely motor minded,

nothing more and nothing less, and that's all there is to it.